Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BA and I at field day man even though it was 90+ degrees the ice cube was very cold...... the other 2 is BA and I at one of the 2 picnics, don't ask what I was mixing in the jug lol just know it was very cold as you can tell by my balled up fists :) Both of these pictures were taken before our friendship went down hill(long story but it was like mother daughter friendship) now we only speak if the other talks first sad I know we got along so well as you can tell.... Maybe one day it will get that way again but not so sure. Fun times ;)

Fish and more fish

Fish fish and more fish makes for a great fish fry :)2 times a year several friends and us get together and catch fish and when I say fish I mean we usually clean upwards of 350+ fish I think one year we cleaned something like 900 fish makes for some good eatin. we fish out of the boat and we usually have 8 poles in the water at any given time

Sunday, March 8, 2009

ok here is my pictures of the day these are of Leigh-Ann(in the Hannah Montana shirt) and Clarissa 1/2 of my sil's twins(she had a boy and girl) anyway you would not think there was only 1 year and 5 days difference in the ages Leigh born the 9Th of November 2003 and Jay and Rissa born the 4Th of November 2004. They get along good and I can definitely tell which one is the girlie girl and which one is the tom boy lol Rissa is really prissy the dresses and princess type of stuff and Leigh could care less about dresses(her mommas child lol) Rissa and Leigh were both covered in dirt from head to toe and Rissa was fricken out almost to the point of crying. Leigh on the other hand was calling her a crybaby. Lei loves dirt !!!! she is constantly playing in the dirt talking about a country girl lol. I can't believe exactly how different they are. But the good thing is they had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not a cat in the box instead a Cat in the tub

ok this is totally off the wall but it was so darn cute here is the story: My cat is very strange and I mean VERY he jumps in the bathroom sink while the water is running to try to get the tooth paste does not pay attention to the water which he is soaking wet from. That is just one way he is strange these pictures were taken just after I sprayed the bathtub and scrubbed it clean, I took the shower head apart and cleaned it as well. The cat who we call "Que" waited til I had everything clean and rinsed out and the ding bat jumped into the bath tub circled it and layed down. he kinda looked up at me once as if to say "DO YOU MIND" HE STAYED THERE FOR ABOUT AN HOUR AND A HALF TILL MY LITTLE "SWEET LITTLE GIRL" WALKED IN AND SAID QUE NEEDS A BATH started to plug up the tub and was ready to turn the water on when he decided she would probably(ok so not probably but most definantly) turn the water on and add bubbles cause if she likes bubble baths then why don't the cat? He jumps into the tub while we are showering or taking a bath. Now tell me the cat is not strange..... How many cats do you know that likes water? not many.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

this is the reason I am all busted up but he is my 4 legged baby gotta love them right? He is a big baby a 75+ pound big baby when it comes to storms.

my pictures from the past few days

the first picture is just before the sun rose it turned out to be a beautiful day. and the colors in the picture were awesome. the other 2 pictures were taken a little bit ago just before the storm rolls in looking south.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

serious icicles

man those are some serious icicles hate to be like the little boy in The Christmas Story and stick my tongue to metal right about now lol

Edd and Snow in Ohio

My Husbands Grandma's house fully loaded with a lot of snow and icicles, my husband at his grandmas house man it is cold lol, My husbands size 9 1/2 next to a bear paw print it is a little over 1/2 the size of his foot size. and the bear paw print with out that size 9 1/2 he seemed to have a lot of fun on his trip and we are planning on going in Feb. of 2010 back to Ohio to visit everyone as a family. I have only met his Grandma, his Aunt Jane and his Great Aunt Kathryn so it looks like this time next year the rest of his family will get to meet this Texan lol !!! His Aunt said they have not had this much snow since the late 70's. and us Texans say we are cold when we hit the upper 20's he said the highest the temps ever got while he was there were in the lower 20's the lowest was 7 above 0 makes me cold just thinking about it

Saturday, January 24, 2009

my little man and the limo after playing at Chuck E Cheese boy they sure did not want to go back to school after eating and playing . the limo and all 10 kids the poor limo will never be the same lol, the 10 kids and the limo driver. the kids were chosen for the limo ride because of how much they sold on their school fundraiser Drew was the top seller in the whole 936 kids in his school the pto (yes I am part of that:( ) took the top 10 sellers for the lime ride and the top 2 sellers also received a 75.00 gift card for wal-mart.

the limo before it was violated with 10 kids from k-4th the poor driver bet he could not wait for the day to end

the first picture is of Leigh and Skyler Leigh is blowing Chuck E kisses, the second picture is Leigh(on the right) and Skyler posing with Chuck E Cheese, and the last is Leigh before the 10 kids came out for the limo ride to Chuck E Cheese they all had a blast especially the 2 girls they got to stay after and play more while the other kids had to go back to school.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A wintry day in January marks the beginning for so many things new life to trees,birds,and bugs of all sorts as well as a new President. The temps on Jan.20,2009 was a windy 52 degrees. with beautiful blue skies, and lots of pine trees

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ok here is the actual circus and as I said it was a real small one the first picture is of sponge bob square pants, the second picture is a man balancing a sword on a dagger that he is holding in his mouth, the third picture is the guy juggling with fire, the last picture is 2 clowns doing what they do best acting silly. the kids had great time and I guess the size of the circus does not matter but that they had fun watching.

pictures for the last several missed from project 365

These are my recent pictures for project 365 for swf the helicopter pictures are of Drew and Leigh sitting in front of a retired Army Helicopter. The other pictures are of Drew and Leigh at their first time at a small circus no real big animals but they did have a baby Joey there which everyone loved watching the Joey beating the snot out of the trainer lol all in all they had a great time and even thought it was cold it was nice and sunny but the highs were in the lower 50's . The pictures of them feeding animals were at the little petting zoo at the circus. I will post actual pictures taken of the performers next so enjoy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

silly little girl would not have me take a picture of her brother without getting one of her as well!!! She is my camera ham lol but I would not have her any other way. any way this is the better of her silly faces.

my sick little boy and my hubby's radio equipment, you all I am sure know boys and their toys right? that whole corner from the tv all the way to the end of the computer table is full of his toys.

Opp Catfish

I know it is kind of dark but this is me and an Amateur operator at Wolf Creek Park in Coldspring TX with a 27 pound Opp Cat that I caught you can't really tell but the fish is longer than 2(5) gallon buckets It is 1/2 my height. and when we weighed it before we took it to clean it it registered in at 27 lbs

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sweet Dreams Little One

We sometimes forget what it is like to hold our little ones. We sometimes get aggravated with our kids. We need to stop and see how sweet and innocent our sweet kids can be while they sleep. So sweet dreams little Leigh! I love you

Saturday, January 3, 2009

These are the loves of my life. You can't tell from the clothes she is wearing but it is January and it is 80 degrees out side but miss independent had to dress herself. My son on the other hand wanted the picture to be over with the sun is shinning and it is a beautiful day here in Texas although very humid and humidity and kids that want to play don't mix too well because sweat + dirt = dirty kids. and Leigh-Ann is trying her best to hide the dirt on her face if I did not know any better I would swear she had eaten mud pies. The good thing is they got to go outside and play and get out of mom's hair while I am suppose to be cleaning the house but sssshhhh if you don't tell I won't either!!! any way this is day 1 of project 365 stay tuned for a years worth of project 365.

Project 365

I will start my picture a day and capture memories today 01/03/09. so stay tuned