Saturday, February 14, 2009

this is the reason I am all busted up but he is my 4 legged baby gotta love them right? He is a big baby a 75+ pound big baby when it comes to storms.

my pictures from the past few days

the first picture is just before the sun rose it turned out to be a beautiful day. and the colors in the picture were awesome. the other 2 pictures were taken a little bit ago just before the storm rolls in looking south.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

serious icicles

man those are some serious icicles hate to be like the little boy in The Christmas Story and stick my tongue to metal right about now lol

Edd and Snow in Ohio

My Husbands Grandma's house fully loaded with a lot of snow and icicles, my husband at his grandmas house man it is cold lol, My husbands size 9 1/2 next to a bear paw print it is a little over 1/2 the size of his foot size. and the bear paw print with out that size 9 1/2 he seemed to have a lot of fun on his trip and we are planning on going in Feb. of 2010 back to Ohio to visit everyone as a family. I have only met his Grandma, his Aunt Jane and his Great Aunt Kathryn so it looks like this time next year the rest of his family will get to meet this Texan lol !!! His Aunt said they have not had this much snow since the late 70's. and us Texans say we are cold when we hit the upper 20's he said the highest the temps ever got while he was there were in the lower 20's the lowest was 7 above 0 makes me cold just thinking about it