Sunday, March 8, 2009

ok here is my pictures of the day these are of Leigh-Ann(in the Hannah Montana shirt) and Clarissa 1/2 of my sil's twins(she had a boy and girl) anyway you would not think there was only 1 year and 5 days difference in the ages Leigh born the 9Th of November 2003 and Jay and Rissa born the 4Th of November 2004. They get along good and I can definitely tell which one is the girlie girl and which one is the tom boy lol Rissa is really prissy the dresses and princess type of stuff and Leigh could care less about dresses(her mommas child lol) Rissa and Leigh were both covered in dirt from head to toe and Rissa was fricken out almost to the point of crying. Leigh on the other hand was calling her a crybaby. Lei loves dirt !!!! she is constantly playing in the dirt talking about a country girl lol. I can't believe exactly how different they are. But the good thing is they had a lot of fun.

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